Youth Fishing Derby

The Central Region Chapter partnered with the Carroll County Parks & Recreation to help kids go fishing. Many kids would love to go fishing, or enjoy other outdoor activities, but their circumstances may not allow them to. Every kids circumstances may be different. It may be the fact that they don’t have anyone to take them fishing, or maybe they come from a broken home and just need a buddy to go fishing with.  Introducing these kids to fishing can be a wonderful experience for them.
No matter what the circumstances are, its a great feeling when you see a smile on a kids face, knowing that you participated in giving them a memory they will cherish forever.
Youth Fishing Derby
What is the kids fishing derby about and what programs do we offer.
The kids fishing program is not just about taking kids fishing. Part of our plan is to get the kids to enjoy the great outdoors. But we also try to teach them the techniques of fishing and preservation of the sport and a little bit about marine conservation.
Whether its tying a knot, setting up and baiting their own rigs, reading depth finders or the fundamentals of catch and release. We also try to teach them the techniques of fishing, wildlife preservation and safety.
Youth Outreach Programs
We have many different opportunities for kids and family members to go fishing. Each year, CCA Maryland Chapter’s host events throughout Maryland.  Some of our programs offer an opportunity for kids and parents to bond while enjoying a day or a weekend of fishing.